125 years ago today - January 6? 1898

[Brigham Young Jr.]
Meeting in Temple at 10:30. Pres[ident] Snow was asked to present the views of the Council to the Presidency. They came at 11:30 Pres[ident] S. spoke very gently and to the point. Bro[ther] F. D. Richards followed in same strain. I followed and charged Bro[ther] Cannon of taking on himself too much presidential authority and keeping a man who did not live as a L.D.S. but drank and played billiards as the chief head of the church official organ; and that if he the presidency had submitted the question of appointing Frank J. Cannon as the church agent to borrow money in the east to the Twelve he would not have been sustained; and that, many people believe that Pres[ident] Cannon is the responsible person for all of our present financial difficulties. Pres[ident] Cannon resented what I said tried to pin me down to day and date. Much occurred many things were said that were better unsaid, but I was the scapegoat and President Woodruff notified me to be at the office at 10:30 tomorrow morning. Afterwards I talked with the Twelve and every man stood by me and it was the voice of the Quorum that I stand firm in what I had already said.

[Diary of Apostle Brigham Young Jr., http://amzn.to/newmormonstudies]

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