125 years ago today - Jan 14, 1898 • Friday

[George Q. Cannon]
... we had some further conversation with him about my son Frank J. Cannon. I told him that I felt very badly at his talking the way he had done in the Council, when our relations had been such that he might have come to me and told me, as a friend, what he knew about my sons. I said, "I did that with you, Brother Brigham, only a few weeks ago. Brother Joseph F. and myself heard stories about your son, B. S. Young, and I went and told you privately." I said I did not like to hear such stories being circulated about him; ... Our friendship has been such that you ought to have come to me. You have been in my house, and I have been in yours, and I never had a feeling against you in the world. I looked upon you as one of my dearest friends. In fact, one of the brethren who has access to the Office Journal was astonished, he told me, when he read what you have said: 'for', said he, 'I always supposed that Brigham was your pet.'

[The Journal of George Q. Cannon, Church Historian's Press, https://churchhistorianspress.org/george-q-cannon]

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