190 years ago today - Nov 29, 1832 - Thursday

[Joseph Smith]
this Evening Brother Fr ederic [Frederick G. Williams] Prophcyed tha[t] next spring I should go to the city of Pitts Burg to establish a Bis hopwrick and within one year I should go to the city of New York the Lord spare me the life of thy servent Amen [[A month earlier, JS visited New York City, and Sidney Rigdon had recently organized a branch in Pittsburgh, where he had formerly served as the pastor of a congregation of Regular Baptists. In 1845, Rigdon claimed that while on this mission to Pittsburgh he received a revelation that it would become a gathering center, which would require a bishopric there.]]

[Joseph Smith, "Joseph Smith Jrs Book for Record," Journal, Nov. 1832–Dec. 1834]

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