30 years ago today - Oct 20, 1992

Provo DAILY HERALD letter to the editor: "'BYU Students for Clinton' the sign blared at the Salt Lake airport at Clinton's departure. Excuse me! Is this the same pro-abortion, pro-gay rights, pro-excessive government, pro-immorality Clinton who has endeared himself to so many people with like values? Why would a BYU student support such a man for president? Bill Clinton stomps on every value that the LDS church and BYU stand for. . . . If abortion, homosexuality, and immorality are on Clinton's agenda, why would a morally upright person want to support him? What also must a teacher or teachers supporting Clinton be teaching students at BYU? BYU should clean house. There are thousands of 'liberal' arts colleges around to take the malcontents at BYU. Before Satan gets both feet in the door at BYU let those on the Lord's side stand up and be counted so that truth can prevail."

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