135 years ago today - Oct 10, 1887

[Heber J. Grant]
Since the Th I have kept pencil mems. from which to write up my journal, as I have not had time to attend to it each day on account of the many meetings I have had to attend. I find that in making up my record for the Th that I missed recording the following remarks of the brethren viz. Moses Thatcher, said that in as much as some of his aged brethren felt that he was too sensitive, he was willing to accept correction from any of them He said he would willingly consecrate all he possessed if he could be relieved from the great responsibility he was under on account of his calling as an Apostle, but he continued I do say however, that I distrust the methods of Geo Q. Cannon and I also know that the people have the same distrust. I have proven my trust in the work of God

both with my means and my acts. I had the confidence of Brigham Young during his life and also the confidence of John Taylor until late years.

(It was with difficulty Moses restrained his tears when talking as he felt keenly the lack of confidence existing at the present time.)

Erastus Snow I speak frankly and I can say that there is a distrust in the hearts of the people caused by certain measures that they think Geo Q. is responsible for. He was sure many of the leading men felt this way.

Franklin D. Richards felt deep regret that we were not united even as a drop of water Sorry apostles should have any feelings towards each other. When Bros. Cannon & Smith were restored to our quorum, one thing after another was brought up against brother Cannon, and it did seem to him the brethren were trying to pile things upon him.

When the John Q. matter was brought up instead of trying to aid him to stand up under his great affliction we seemed to try and see how much we could heap upon him. It looked like the brethren felt to say '1/2Now we have a chance let us pile it on.'| He had voted against his own conviction to have the Church books delivered to the Auditing Committee so as to be one with his brethren. He felt sorry that the brethren distrusted Geo Q. he had the most perfect confidence in him and in all of his brethren. Wished we could get in a place where we could dress in the robes of the priesthood and pray as a quorum to Almighty God for his blessings. He asked which of us would have done better had we been placed in Bro Cannon's place.

Joseph F. Smith said as brother Cannon has asked the brethren to express their feelings against him, he was happy to say he had no bitterness or ill feelings in this matter and his only interest was to have the brethren become united. Personally he had good feelings towards Geo Q. Cannon and confidence in him and his integrity of heart. Felt many things were attributed to Geo Q. that should be attributed to Prest Taylor. I have not lost confidence in brother Cannon nor any of my brethren. I feel that these men here are prayerful honest men. I feel that the brethren should be perfectly frank and honest in telling their feelings. Am of the opinion this matter will never be settled unless every man shall tell all there is in his heart.

Wilford Woodruff, Felt that brother Cannon had made all the explanations any honorable man could be asked to make and he was satisfied and felt the brethren should be.

Joseph F. Smith felt that in as much as brothers Thatcher and Grant had said they were not perfectly satisfied he did not feel that the matter could be settled if they were to say they were satisfied Wanted these things settled finally and for ever when they are settled. He felt that there must be some mellowing down of the brethren's feelings before a settlement could be arrived at that would really be a settlement.

W. Woodruff then adjourned our meeting.

(The above remarks belong to my record for Oct 5/87)

[The Diaries of Heber J. Grant, 1880-1945, Abridged, Digital Edition Salt Lake City, Utah, 2015]

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