170 years ago today - Jan 18, 1852

Patriarchal Blessing of George Albert Smith Jr. by John Smith ... I rebuke every disease that shall attempt to prey upon you. And I command the blessing of health and prosperity to rest upon you, And I ask my Heavenly Father to touch your eyes, that they may be enlightened ... and to see things which are, which have been, and which shall be like Enoch of old. ... you shall do a mighty work on the Earth, at the age of fourteen you shall have the Spirit of prophecy, and at the age of twenty one - you shall have the Spirit of revelation, and be a Seer in the house of Isreal [Israel], and when thou art old like thy Grand Father who now b[l]esses you, you shall see the ancient of Days, and you shall sit in their midst and be a member of their Council ... thou shalt have the minist[e]ring of Angels, be sober minded, for thou shalt see the destruction upon the enemies of the Lord

[Patriarchal Blessings]

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