125 years ago today - Jan 27, 1897; Wednesday

... the extraordinary efforts being put forth to elect [former apostle] Moses Thatcher as a so-called "Rebuke to the Church", was thoroughly discussed. It appeared that most of the Gentiles in the Legislature combined with those members of the Church who were opposed in their spirit to the First Presidency and the Declaration on Discipline, which had been promulg[at]ed, made up such a number as would require but a few votes to make a sufficient majority to elect. In view of the attitude of Moses Thatcher and the spirit of his supporters it was considered that his election would be a calamity. ...

The Presidency taking the ground that they had as much right to their preferences in this regard as any other citizens of the State of Utah, but at the same time being reluctant to express them with too great vigor, lest the cry of Church influence in politics might be regarded as having a foundation in fact.

[First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes]

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