165 years ago today - Oct 7, 1856

[Heber C. Kimball] Let evry man take his seat & set there till the meeting is out & you are dismissed. God says that his house is a house of order & not of confusion & let evry man be in silence & the women not one whit behind the men. I will inform the Congregation men & women that if there is any one that wishes to go out they had better go out now For the policee will be at those gaps & there can none go out when they once take their seats & we want the policee if the men that are in the c[.....]es make the noise that they did yesterday to just knock them in the head. These are my orders. ...

You may say I am severe. I am not half as severe as the Lord wants me to be. ... [some others spoke] Followed with the cricket song by J. D. T. Mc'allister. Benediction by D Spencer.

President J M Grant then arose & said I feel that there are some things that greeve me. President Young was asked if it would not be well to send the Presidents of the seventies out. He said No they would Preach the people to sleep & then to Hell. Now this shows me that the Presidents of the seventies the first seven Presidents are asleep and their is sumthing wrong with them. If this is the case that they would preach the people to sleep & then to Hell Then this body of Counsellors are guilty of Great sins either of omission or Commission, & I would advise Joseph Young to cut off his council & drop them & appoint men in his stead who are full of the Holy Ghost & will act with him & assist him.

Now we will take up his Council & look at them. Now here is brother Levi Hancock. Why he will fiddle diddle di fiddle diddle do fiddle diddle dum and tweedle diddle ta. Now he might preach a month & ther would be no more spirit of God in it than their would be in a Cabbage Leaf. Now If you would preach the people to sleep & to Hell you are guilty of some great Henious sins either of commission or omission. You have either committed Adultery or some other sins & you ought to be droped.

Here is Brother Harriman. Now if you will preach the people to sleep & to Hell you are guilty of some great sins either of Commission or Omission have committed Adultery or some great sins & you ought to be droped. Brother Harriman might preach a month then you might put it all in the Eye of a Cambrick Needle & there would be as much room in it as there would be for a bulfrog in the Atlantic ocean.

Albert P Rockwood if you would preach the people to sleep then to Hell you are asleep dead, & guilty of committing Adultery or some great sins. There is no sap in you. You are as dry as an old musk rat skin & you ought to be droped.

And Zerah Pulsipher if He would preach the people to sleep & to Hell you are guilty of some abominable sins of commission or omission of committing Adultery or some great sins & ought to be droped & I will say the same of Benjamin Clapp & H. S. Eldridge. According to the presidents words they are asleep & ought to be droped.

I think that Brother Joseph ought to Cut them off & prune the trees around him. How can the body be kept awake & Healthy when the head is asleep & dead? It has been with great reluctance that I have voted for the presidents of the seventies for a long time. And I will say to these seventies if your Presidents have gone to sleep dont you go to sleep, but keep awake. If your Presidency have committed Adultery & done wrong & committed great sins that will damn them dont you do it but wake up....

Levi Hancok followed him & said He had not commit Adultery. He never Courted any woman but his wife & she Courted him. He justified himself in a measure. He was followed by Benjamin Clap who said He had not committed adultery & if he had gone to sleep he had done it since he came here for he was not asleep when he came home. He intended to serve God with all his heart & was willing to go through this territory with his pack upon his back & preach the gospel. A. P. Rockwood received the chastizement & ment to repent & go into the waters of Baptism as soon as He got a chance...

[Wilford Woodruff's Journal: 1833-1898 Typescript, Volumes 1-9, Edited by Scott G. Kenney, Signature Books 1993, http://amzn.to/newmormonstudies]

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