105 years ago today - Oct 7, 1916

Apostle Hyrum M. Smith, son of President Joseph F. Smith publicly attacked Catholicism claiming that it "is a great liability in any nation. It wields a power for evil... [Catholicism] does not promote civilization, it binds them in the thralldom of superstition." Salt Lake Catholic Bishop Joseph F. Glass, responded, writing to Joseph F. Smith on Oct. 7, 1916 asking if "the sentiments expressed by Hyrum M. Smith represent the feelings of the Latter-Day Saints toward the Catholic Church?" Joseph F. Smith gave the letter to his son and Hyrum M. Smith who wrote a letter to Joseph S. Glass on October 11, 1916 in response:

"It would have been more consistent, in my judgment, had you submitted your questions to me rather than to the President of the Church, since I alone am responsible for the remarks to which you make reference."

[General Conference, October 1916]

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