25 years ago today - May 21, 1996

[Same-Sex Marriage]
Hawaiis Campaign Spending Commission mails a complaint to Hawaiis Future Today [a church-sponsored front-group to fight against same-sex marriage] that indicates that the ads are in violations of Hawaiis regulations governing spending in political campaigns, indicates the fines for such a violation and explains that Hawaiis Future Today must file the required papers to register as a political-action committee. Follow-up letters dated 20 Jun repeats the information about the complaint. Hawaiis Future Today does not respond by registering as a political-action organization, but asserts that it does not plan to involve itself in lobbying or campaigning for candidates.

[Crapo, Richley, Chronology Of Mormon / LDS Involvement In Same-Sex Marriage Politics http://www.mormonsocialscience.org/?q=node/59]

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