175 years ago today - May 11, 1846

[Lucy Mac Statement]
Mrs. Lucy Smith's Testimony.

"Nauvoo, May 11, 1846.

"My Dear Son-For so I must call you; as the church has passed through much affection, and it pains my heart that it should suffer more. The Twelve (Brighamites) have abused my son William, and trampled upon my children, and have also treated me with contempt. Now mark it, these men are not right. God has not sent them to lead this kingdom. I am satisfied that Joseph appointed James J. Strang. It is verily so. Now, Brother Reuben, I exhort you for the love you have for the truth, to hear my voice, and warn the saints concerning these things, and your reward shall be doubled in the heavenly world. This from your mother, Lucy Smith,

"Mother in Israel."

"This is to certify that we, the undersigned. members of the Smith family, fully accord with the sentiments expressed above.

"W.J. Salisbury,

"Catherine Salisbury,

"Arthur Milliken,

"Lucy Milliken.'

[Lucy Mac Smith Statement]

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