120 years ago today - May 16, 1901; Thursday

[Heber J. Grant]
In chatting with the brethren of the Apostles before Pres[iden]ts [Loreonzo] Snow and [Joseph F.] Smith joined us and telling of the cancellation of the balance of my debt endorsed by the Trustee in Trust, Brother [George] Teasdale referred to the fact of his visiting my home some three years ago, just after I had been operated upon for appendicitis and when I was so sick with pneumonia. He referred to how he was inspired of the Lord in blessing me in not only promising me health, but that I should live to pay all my financial obligations. In hearing me tell oif my present financial condition he sad, he felt to praise the Lord for His goodness to me.

Brother John W. Taylor also referred to his visit to my home with Matthias F. Cowley about the same time as Brother Teasdale called and how they had administered to me and that after doing so as they went away he said to Brother Cowley that he did not feel that they had blessed me with any great power. Some days later he was impressed to come back and bless me again. He started to walk from his home in Mill Creek to the city and he met Brother Cowley in a buggy and they drove together to my house and they had great liberty in blessing me. Brother Taylor prophesying that I should live and should not only have vigor and strength of body but that I should live to be freed from all my financial obligations. I remembered this promise of Brother Taylor's very well indeed and how my whole being was thrilled by the Holy Spirit at the time of his making the promise and I felt that it was given under the inspiration of the Lord and would be fulfilled.

I am very thankful to feel that today I have sufficient property to pay all my obligations and that the Lord has fulfilled this prediction.

[Heber J. Grant, Diary]

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