120 years ago today - Feb 15, 1901; Friday

It was fully two o'clock this morning before I went to sleep. In thinking over my call to Japan and the many things that might happen during my absence, it seemed that I could not possibly go to sleep. I looked at my watch just before two o'clock and just about that time I hoped sincerely that Karl G. Maeser would be alive when I returned from Japan. I met him yesterday afternoon in connection with my associates at a board meeting of the Sunday School Union meeting. He was looking and feeling well. As I walked down town this morning and passed the Deseret news office, I read a bulletin, announcing the death of Karl G. Maeser. He must have died within an hour or so from the very time that I was hoping he would live until my return from my mission. ...

Ten A.M. attended director's meeting of the Utah Idaho Sugar Co[mpany]. and a 35% stock dividend was unanimously declared. I thank the Lord with all my heart for this dividend as I feel sure that within a very few days the advance in stock will make me from 415,000 to $25,000 directly or indirectly.

[Heber J. Grant, Diary]

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