75 years ago today - Jan 17, 1946

[J. Reuben Clark]
Brother Lee and Brother Romney came to see me on three matters ... (2) We discussed the matter of shipments of meats to Europe, they having learned that it would be impossible to ship

meat to Europe without violating the law unless it had the Federal stamp for the killing and the Federal stamp for the packing. It was agreed that Bro. Romney should see the packing houses here and learn whether or not, in view of the destination of the meat, they would pack it for us at cost. (3) It was agreed that the Welfare would get a car loan of food stuffs packed already for shipment to Europe and that then they would bring the matter to the attention of the First Presidency.

[The Diaries of J. Reuben Clark, 1933-1961, Abridged, Digital Edition, Salt Lake City, Utah 2015]

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