175 years ago today - Jan 22, 1846

George Harris stood as proxy for slain Mormon founder Joseph Smith and gave his own wife Lucinda Pendleton Morgan Harris "to Jos. Smith (deceased . . .) for time & all Eternity." Harris was then sealed to Lucinda as her husband until death.

Lyndon Cook notes that Lucinda had already been "Sealed for time and eternity to Joseph Smith Jr 1841-1842 Nauvoo . . . ," making this 1846 tableau a "Repeat sealing for time and eternity to Joseph Smith deceased . . ."

"The vicarious aspect of this ceremony," adds Cook, "is repetitious inasmuch as Lucinda Pendleton Morgan was antecedently sealed for time and eternity to Joseph Smith Jr deceased."

This is consistent with the repeat proxy sealings of another plural wife of Joseph Smith, Martha McBride Knight ...

Three days earlier, on January 19, 1846, Lucinda was recorded in the Book of Anointings ... under the name of "Lucinda Pendleton Smith." The same record shows ... Martha Knight ... recorded at her "Second Anointing" as "Martha Smith."

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