185 years ago today - Jan 16, 1836

Upon complaints by the Quorum of Twelve Apostles, the First Presidency formally apologizes for not showing them due respect. Oliver Cowdery records in his journal: "met in the evening with bro. Joseph Smith, Jr. at his house, in company with bro. John Corrill, and after pure water was prepared, called upon the Lord and proceeded to wash each other's bodies, and bathe the same with whiskey, perfumed with cinnamon. This we did that we might be clean before the Lord for the Sabbath, confessing our sins and covenanting to be faithful to God. While performing this washing unto the Lord with solemnity, our minds were filled with many reflections upon the propriety of the same, and how the priests anciently used to wash always before ministering before the Lord. As we had nearly finished this purification, bro. Martin Harris came in and was also washed."

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