165 years ago today - Jan 13, 1856

Brigham Young preaches: "The Lamanites on this Continent are Manassehites almost exclusively. There is but little of the seed of Ephraim among them. They are counted as the seed of Abraham and they must be saved or they would not have become so loathsome as they are. They are punished in the flesh to make attonement in the flesh for their sins & transgressions . . . The seed of Abraham has not been counted for many years NOR NEVER WILL BE AGAIN. If an Angel as to commence now to number them all when he had got the numbers together before they could be compiled there would be a great number more born during the time of there numeration so they could not be numbered & this is the reason why his seed Cannot be numbered. . . . We will administer in the Temple which we have now begun & that is one point gained & we will seal men to men by the highest keys of the Holy Priesthood. This is the highest ordinance. It is the last ordinance of the kingdom of God on the earth and aboe all the endowments that can be given you. It is a finall sealing an Eternal Principle and when once made cannot be broaken by the Devel."

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