125 years ago today - Jan 19, 1896

Patriarchal Blessing of Joseph F. Smith Jr.

... It is thy privilege to live to a good old age and the will of the Lord that you should become a mighty man in Israel. Therefore, I say unto thee, reflect often upon the past, present, and future, and thou shalt realize that the hand of the Lord has been and is over thee for good, and that thy life has been preserved for a wise purpose. Thou shalt realize also that thou hast much to do in order to complete thy mission upon the earth.

It shall be thy duty to sit in counsel with thy brethren and to preside among the people. It shall be thy duty also to travel much at home and abroad, by land and water, laboring in the ministry. And I say unto thee, hold up thy head, lift up thy voice without fear or favor, as the Spirit of the Lord shall direct, and the blessings of the Lord shall rest upon thee. His spirit shall direct thy mind and give thee word and sentiment, that thou shalt confound the wisdom of the wicked and set at naught the counsels of the unjust. ... I say unto thee, remember that there is a God in Israel in whom we should trust. ... Thou shalt lay hands upon the sick and they shall recover, for this shall be one of thy gifts received through prayer and faith. ...

[Patriarchal Blessings]

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