120 years ago today - Jan 6, 1901; Sunday

[Fast meeting in the temple:] ...--Rev[e]l[a]t[ion]. on Plural Marriage--And as a servant of God I warn you not rej[ec]t this princ[i]p[le] or you will be damned & Jno. [John] Taylor has told me own lips that Jos[eph Smith] com[mande]d me to entd [enter] into plur[al marriage.]

As God is true as Christ is true as Jos[eph Smith] the prophet is true this principle is true--I warn u [you] not to rej[ec]t this princ[i]p[le]--if you do as God loves He will reject u [you]. Geo[rge] A Smith told me P[rophe]t Joseph [Smith] seemed to be impelled to ins[is]t this principle before his death--What God is doing in this world is not childs play. ...

Those women that God show[e]d the P[rophe]t that He had res[er]v[e]d to be his--Will be his through out all eternity & infamous to teach every man to have his mate & absurd to seal for time & eternity only to be dissolved in eternity.

--Sister Bathsheba [Smith] told that Jos[eph] P[rophe]t. said we were mated before we came into this temple.

[Heber J. Grant, Diary]

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