110 years ago today - Oct 5, 1910; Wednesday

[To several Stake Presidents]
Dear Brethren:

We deem it advisable to address a letter to you and to each of the Stake Presidencies in regard to a matter that is causing us much anxiety.

You will recall that at the general conference of April 1904, President Joseph F. Smith made the following statement, afterwards published, defining the attitude of the Church in regard to plural marriages: ...

After the Church had thus spoken plainly, we took it for granted that none of its members would be found disobeying its voice. But in the face of this action, emphasized repeatedly in private and public by us, and the Apostles as well, we now find that some person or persons have assumed authority to solemnize plural marriages, and that men and women have entered into polygamous relations through having been married under such pretended authority.

...Nevertheless it becomes our duty to request you to instruct each Bishop in your Stake to carry out the provisions of the foregoing resolutions by dealing with offenders, if any there be in his Ward, in accordance therewith.

We also desire to make it known to all the Saints in your Stake that no one has been authorized to solemnize plural marriages, and that he who advises, counsels or entices any person to contract a plural marriage renders himself liable to excommunication, as well as th[o]s[e] who enter into such unlawful relations....

Your brethren,

Joseph F. Smith,

Anthon H. Lund

John Henry Smith ...

[First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes]

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