25 years ago today - Jun 5, 1995

[Hugh W. Nibley]
"I wrote the priesthood manual for 1957, you know, 'An approach to the Book of Mormon.' Well, there was a reading committee on it. Adam S. Bennion was the head of the committee. . . . The reading committee wiped out every lesson in that book. Now this is one thing which I'm greatly obliged to President McKay. They kicked out every lesson in the book. They said it was way over peoples's heads. And every time, president McKay overruled them. The book is exactly as i wrote it. They wanted to make hundreds of changes and get rid of the the whole thing entirely, and President McKay said, "No. If it is beyond their reach, let them reach for it." Adam S. Bennion said "It's over their heads." And President McKay said "Let them reach for it." Now there's a great man. I liked that.'

[Prince, David O. McKay and the Rise of Modern Mormonism, by Greg Prince at 160, Interview, Hugh W. Nibley, June 5, 1995.]

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