175 years ago today - Jun 23, 1845

Patriarchal Blessing of Abigail Abbott given by William Smith ... of thy posterity shall spring a mighty people the glory and power of the Holy Priesthood in them shall be made known, and like Paul they shall speak in the temple of the Ephesians and the great men of the earth shall hail them as mighty Spirits it is not known unto thee at this time the way and manner this blessing shall be fulfilled, ere all this shall be done one of thy posterity named after the name of his father, and after the name of his Great Grandfather, who was a descendant from the tribe of Judah, and of the household of David, shall be a mighty warrior, and be led on to avenge the blood of Prophets and Patriarchs, he shall lead a mighty people from the wilderness and one mighty among them who shall be also a mighty warrior by the name of Nishcosh, he shall be a descendant of one of the name of Nimrod, who was also a descendant of that Nimrod, who was a mighty hunter in days of old, by way of the Jaredites upon this continent, who founded a city and called it the city of Gnoalum, this city now lying in ruins the wreck of which only appears as the last descriptive monument of a people that has fallen, and the remnants of whom have become barbarous, wild and uncultivated ...

Given by William Smith Patriarch to the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints at Nauvoo City of Joseph 23d June 1845

[Marquardt Papers]

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