175 years ago today - Wednesday, June 18th, 1845

[John Taylor]
This night I had the following dream: I dreamt that I stood by the Temple and looked up, and saw that it was finished. I admired the elegance and symmetry of the building, and felt animated in my spirits and rejoiced to see the building finished. I remarked to a person standing by, what a beautiful structure this is, how elegant the design, and how well it is executed. I then said it is only a very short time since we laid the topstone; and now it is finished. I knew that a great deal of the wood work was prepared, but did not anticipate that the building would be so soon completed. I felt at the same time filled with the spirit of God, and my heart rejoiced before the Lord.

While I stood gazing with pleasure at the Temple, I saw another tower rising like unto the one that is on the west end of the Temple, and immediately exclaimed to the person that I had before conversed with, why there is another tower, and said I pointing my finger, still further there is another, and yet another; we have not yet began to see the whole; the scenery gradually changed, and a temple very much larger in dimensions, than the one which we are building, stood before me; there were a number of towers, placed apparently at equal distances on the outside, each of which were supported by buildings as large as this temple, and yet were united with, and were a part of the great temple; they were of as large dimensions as that which is on this Temple, from the midst of these towers and in the center of the building arose in majestic grandeur an immense large dome, that seemed to tower as high above the towers, as the towers were from the earth; it was not quite finished at the top, and there were some workmen employed near the top of the dome, who in consequence of the extreme height of the building appeared very small. I was much delighted with the scenery that presented itself to my view, and soon after awoke retaining for some time afterwards the same pleasing sensation that I had enjoyed during my dream.

['The John Taylor Nauvoo journal, January 1845-September 1845,' BYU Studies 23:3 (1983) edited by Dean C. Jessee]

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