175 years ago today - May 31, 1845, Saturday

[William Clayton]
[Regarding the trail of the murders of Joseph & Hyrum Smith] From the testimony of brother Watt it appears the Judge Young is favorable to the mobocrats and manifests a disposition to acquit the murderers rather than bring them to justice. Calvin A. Warren also said if the prisoners were guilty of murder he himself was guilty, alleging that it was the public opinion that the Smiths ought to be killed, and public opinions make laws, and consequently it was not murder to kill the Smiths. Esqr. Browing also railed hard against the saints. In fact the whole proceedings of the court is nothing more than a farce, and it is evident there is no disposition on the part of the people to avenge the blood of the servents of God and it will yet be left for God himself to do it, in his own time and in his own way.

[Fillerup, Robert C., compiler; William Clayton Nauvoo Diaries and Personal Writings, A chronological compilation of the personal writings of William Clayton while he was a resident of Nauvoo, Illinois. http://www.boap.org/LDS/Early-Saints/clayton-diaries]

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