185 years ago today - Feb 14, 1835

Wilford Woodruff writes in his journal: "was suddenly Called to a house of mourning which was Mr. Alexander Akeman's. He had walked out of his house and droped dead upon the ground. In a few moments all his Sons and daughters were present." In his later autobiography, Woodruff recalled the event thusly: " I was warned three times by the Lord, to go to Mr. Akeman, and bear testimony unto him of the truth of 'Mormonism,' and the wickedness of his course in opposing it; and the last time I called upon him, he was filled with wrath against me, and when I left his house, he followed me in a rage, apparently with some evil intent. When I had got a few rods from his door, he was nearly treading on my heels, and fell dead at my feet, as though he had been struck with lightning; he swelled, and immediately turned black. This created a great wailing and mourning among his family."

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