175 years ago today - Feb 4, 1845. Tuesday.

[William Clayton]
Met at the 70s Hall with the Council of the Kingdom [Quorum of Fifty]. ... This is the first time we met since the massacre of President Joseph and Hyrum Smith. The Council was reorganized and President B. Young appointed standing chairman as successor to President Joseph Smith by unanimous vote. [Voting proceeds to retain some members, and drop those not loyal to Brigham Young]. President Joseph and Hyrum two of the members were martyred for the truth and John P. Green is dead, so that there is only 40 members left in the Council. It was voted to fill up the Council at some future time.

[George D. Smith, An Intimate Chronicle; The Journals of William Clayton, Signature Books in association with Smith Research Associates, Salt Lake City, 1995, http://amzn.to/william-clayton]

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