165 years ago today - Feb 3, 1855

In Salt Lake City the Universal Scientific Society adopts a constitution and elects Wilford Woodruff president. The USS eventually included eighty men and one woman. Beginning with the Apr 14, 1855, meeting, lectures included: George D. Watt and Woodruff on the Deseret alphabet; John Hyde on natural philosophy; George A. Smith on chopping wood and Saracen history; William W. Phelps on the ten tribes of Israel; John Lyon on poetry; Thomas Hawkins on conserving natural resources; David Candland on public opinion, determining personal character through various methods including phrenology, and the Crimean War; Jonathan Grimshaw on music; Darwin Richardson and William France on genetics; Gilbert Clements on disciplining the mind; Orson Pratt on the planets; Almon W. Babbitt on American government; Woodruff on home manufacture and horticulture; and William Paul and Brigham Young on architecture. After a year the USS disbanded.

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