155 years ago today - Feb 4, 1865

Orson Pratt publishes an installment of his autobiography in the MILLENNIAL STAR: "Towards the last of autumn [1836] I commenced the study of Algebra without a teacher, occupying leisure hrs in the evening. I soon went through Day's Algebra. . . . From 1836 to 1844, I occupied much of my leisure time in study, and made myself thoroughly acquainted with algebra, geometry, trigonometry, conic sections, differential and integral calculus, astronomy, and most of the physical sciences. These studies I pursued without the assistance of a teacher." In May of 1866, in London, Pratt published his 151-page treatise, PRATT'S CUBIC AND BIQUADRATIC EQUATIONS: "New and easy method of solution of the cubic and biquadratic equations, embracing several new formulas, greatly simplifying this department of mathematical science."

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