145 years ago today - Feb 1, 1875

Emily D. Partridge Young, Brigham Young's plural wife of thirty years, confides to her diary: "I feel rather dispirited and a good cry might do me good. I feel quite ashamed to be known as a wife of the richest man in the territory, and yet we are so poor. I do not know why he is so loth to provide for me. My children are his children. He provides sumptuously for some of his family. He manifests a desire to cast me off, and I cannot ask him for anything." She is with him at his death two years later and writes: "I believe Pr. Young has done his whole duty towards Joseph Smith's family. They have sometimes felt that their lot was hard, but no blame or censure rests upon him. And I feel grateful to him and bless his name forever."

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