130 years ago today - Feb 7, 1890

Black Mormon Jane Manning James requests proxy polygamous sealing,

Dear Brother - - Please excuse me taking the Liberty of Writing to you - but be a Brotherby answering my questions - There by satisfying my mind - - First, as Brother James [her husband Isaac] has Left me 21 years - And a Coloured Brother, Brother Lewis wished me to be sealed to Him, He has been dead 35 or 36 years - can i be sealed to him - parley P Pratt or dained Him an Elder. When or how[?] can i ever be sealed to Him.

Although not named, this refers to Elder Walker Lewis, during his visit to Utah in 1851-2. She also incorrectly stated that Parley P. Pratt ordained him an elder, when it was William Smith. Perhaps Pratt baptized Lewis a Mormon and she confused the two events.

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