120 years ago today - Feb 8, 1900; Thursday

In the afternoon George P. Frisby and George D. Cole of "The Church of Christ," commonly known as "Hedrickites," called on the Presidency. They were accompanied by Elder Charles W. Penrose. these gentlemen stated that they had come from Independence, Missouri, for the purpose of ascertaining if it is not possible for a delegation of our Church, a delegation of the "Reorganite" church and a a delegation of their own organization could not meet together for the purpose of trying to harmonize their views on doctrine with a view to our coming together and uniting into one body. This, in brief, was stated as their object in coming here, but their conversation with the Presidency lasted fully an hour, during which time these men manifested a very good spirit. They freely admitted that they were but custodians of the Temple ground in Independence, and they said the Spirit seemed to manifest to them as a body that they ought to take some steps towards placing this ground so it can be used for the purpose indicated in the revelations. President [Lorenzo] Snow appointed a meeting for tomorrow in the office for two thirty, at which President [George Q.] Cannon and whoever of the Apostles in reach may be present.

[First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes]

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