85 years ago today - Oct 18, 1934

[President Heber J. Grant]
Council meeting was held at 10:00. At the regular meeting of the Presidency and Apostles this morning after reading a couple of editorials in last night's News, it was voted to release Brother Joseph J. Cannon as the editor of the Deseret News. There was a general discussion about his attempting to discuss financial and other questions that he knows nothing about in the paper. The general feeling was that while he was a good worker and a very intelligent, fine man, that he had not filled the bill. Brother Stephen L. Richards said it was our own fault that he have been talking about Joseph's editorials not being satisfactory, and he said he was ready to make a promotion to release him. And finally, after some discussion, it was decided to do so and to appoint him President of the British Mission I was very glad for this suggestion; it will be a very nice way to promote him.'

[Diary of Heber J. Grant, http://amzn.to/newmormonstudies]

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