65 years ago today - Oct 12, 1954

George W. Romney is named president of American Motors in Detroit, Michigan. Other large national corporations (outside of the intermountain area) and international corporations which have Mormons as president, vice-president, CEO, chair of board, or general manager at various times are Aetna Life and Casualty (D. Lee Tobler), Alexander Hamilton Life Insurance (Richard H. Headlee), American Airlines (Melvin E. Olsen), American Broadcasting Co. (Robert H. Hinckley), American Linen Supply (Paul W. Jespersen, Arnold R. Knapp), American Smelting and Refining (Robert Bradford), American Telecommunications Corp. (Henry Marcheschi), Anaconda Copper (Howard L. Edwards, Charles Jay Parkinson), Asmera Oil Corp. of Canada (Howard S. Rhodes), Associated Dry Goods/Lord & Taylor stores (G. Stanley McAllister), Atari Games (Nolan Bushnell), Atlas Corp. (L. Boyd Hatch), Bank of America (Blair R. Egli, Richard V. Harris), Banker's Trust Co. of New York (William L. Snow), Beatrice Foods (Nolan D. Archibald), Bechtel Corp. and Bechtel Investments (Steven V. White), Beneficial Finance (DeWitt Paul), Bernina Sewing Machine (Richard Clyde Jensen), Black & Decker (Nolan D. Archibald), Black & Decker/Puerto Rico (Guillermo M. Perotti), California Healthcare System (Quentin L. Cook), Canada Loyal Insurance (Lawrence R. Fuller), Century Bank (Robert A Hinkle), Citibank (Dan C. Jorgensen), Clorox (Robert A. Bolingbroke), Columbia Broadcasting System (Ralph W. Hardy), Columbia Records (James B. Conkling), Conoco (Max G. Pitcher), Consolidated Freightways (Ronald E. Poelman), Continental Grain Corp. (Donald Shaehli), Continental Illinois Bank (David M. Kennedy, Paul J. Rands), Credit Data Corp. (Gerald L. Davey), Design Research International (William E. Garbett), Digital Equipment (Ralph N. Christensen), Dow Chemical (Wayne Hancock), Eastman Kodak (Kay R. Whitmore), Edison Brothers Shoes (Roy W. Oscarson, G. Richard Oscarson), Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. (Phillip R. Brinkerhoff), First Interstate Bank Corp. (Robert E. Greene), First National City Bank of New York (Wilford Farnsworth), General Mills (Delbert F. Wright, Mark H. Willes, Richard C. Edgley), Goldman-Sachs (A. Kim Smith), B.F. Goodrich (D. Lee Tobler), Gucci Stores (Harmon J. Tobler), Gwerdon Industries (J. Frederick Huckvale), Hallmark Cards of Canada (James R. Bradshaw), Hewlett-Packard (Richard W. Anderson), Hot Shoppes (J. Willard Marriott), Hughes Tool (Rodney H. Brady, Frank William Gay), International Marine Casualty Services (David C. Hatch), Japan Food Storage (Ryo Okamoto), Joseph Magnin Stores (Harmon J. Tobler), Kaiser Steel (Albert P. Heiner), M.W. Kellogg (Alex G. Oblad), Kentucky Fried Chicken (Leon W. Harman), Landa, Inc. (Larry C. Linton), Little Tikes/Rubbermaid (Gary Baughman), Litton Industries (Rudolph E. Lang Jr.), Lomas & Nettleson (Weston E. Edwards), Los Angeles Times-Mirror (Mark H. Willes), Lufthansa Airlines (Dieter F. Uchtdorf), Madison Square Garden (David W. Checketts), Marriott Hotels (J. Willard Marriott, Sr. and Jr., Richard E. Marriott, Milton A. Barlow, W. Don Ladd, Francis W. Cash, Thomas Hart), Merrill Lynch Real Estate and Insurance Group (Weston E. Edwards), Metromedia (Mark Evans Austad), Metropolitan Life Insurance (Stanley Benfell), Michigan National Bank (Stanford Stoddard), Multiple Zones International (Mark C. Maliwauki), Nabisco (Lee S. Bickmore), Nationwide Insurance (Timothy A. Hoyt, D. Richard McFerson), Nedco of Canada (Earl B. Matthews), Newsweek (Llewellyn L. Callaway), New York Clearing House (John F. Lee), NMB Technologies (Myron D. Jones), North American Healthcare (David E. Sorensen), Olson Egg Farms (C. Dean Olson, H. Glenn Olson), Olympic Stain (C. Roger Victor), Ortho Agricultural Products (David B. Barlow), Pacific Corp. (Verl R. Topham), Pacific Mutual Life Insurance (Stanton Hale), Pacific West Yellow Pages (Richard A. Seay), Pay'n Save (Monte L. Bean), J.C. Penney (Oakley S. Evans), Pennzoil Exploration and Production (Rondo Fehlberg), Phillips Petroleum (Robert N. Sears), Prudential Insurance (James B. Jacobsen), Range Rover of North America (Joel E. Greer), Republic National Life Insurance (Samuel P. Smoot), Reynolds Metals (Neil W. Zundel), Rose Marie Reid Swimsuits (Rose Marie Reid), Royal Industries (Jay R. Manwaring), Ryder Rental Trucks (M. Anthony Burns), Safeway Stores (O. Leslie Stone), Sambo Restaurants (Sam Battistone Jr.) Seibi Printing of Japan (Kihachiro Ichimichi), Seiko Time (Donovan H. Larsen), Shaklee (Nevin N. Andersen), Six Flags Amusement Parks (Daniel P. Howells), Skaggs Stores (O. Leslie Stone), Souther California Edison (Thomas F. Bryson, William R. Gould), Sperry Univac (Gerald G. Probst), Stouffer Hotels and Restaurants (Clayne R. Smith), Summa Corp. (Frank William Gay), Sunline Candy and Sunmark (Menlo F. Smith), TAPSA Peruvian Airlines (Frederick S. Williams, Jose S. Ojeda), Topco Associates (W. Steven Rubow), Trans-Canada Pipe Lines (N. Eldon Tanner), Union Carbide (Isaac Stewart), Union Carbide/South Africa (James W. Rawlings), United California Bank (James C. Ellsworth), United Virginia Bankshares (Kenneth A. Randall), UNOCAL (Dennis P.R. Codon), Von's/Arden-Mayfair Markets (J. Earl Garret), Warner Bros. Records (James B. Conkling), Weight Watchers/Heinz U.S.A. (Douglas C. Haines), Western Airlines (Larry Lee), Western Electric (Stephen H. Fletcher), Winchell's/Denny's Restaurants (John D. Hatch), Woolworth Stores (Robert Kirkwood), Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics (Evelyn Nielsen Wood), Zero Halliburton Luggage (Jay R. Manwaring). Intermountain-based companies of national stature (not owned or controlled by the LDS church) which have Mormon executives from their inception or at various times are Albertson's Supermarkets, Associate Foods, Evans and Sutherland Computer Corp., First Security Bank, Franklin Quest, Geneva Steel, Huntsman Chemicals, Husky Oil, J.B.'s/Big Boy Restaurants, Little America Hotels, Micron Technology, Morton-Thiokol, Novell, J.R.Simplot Corp., Sinclair Oil, Smith's Food King Stores, Swire Coca-Cola USA, O.C. Tanner Jewelry, Wilson Food Products, WordPerfect.

[The Mormon Hierarchy - Extensions of Power by D. Michael Quinn, [New Mormon History database ( http://bit.ly/NMHdatabase )]]

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