175 years ago today - Oct 9, 1844

[Wilford Woodruff Letter to Brigham Young]
"Elder Ball has taught as well as Wm [William] Smith the Lowell girls that is not wrong to have intercourse with the men what they please & Elder Ball tries to sleep with them when he can They have tried to remove a good presiding Elder in Lowell & put in Bro Robins who is in their company, But they would not have this the Lowell Church is shaking."

[Wilford Woodruff Letter to Brigham Young as quoted in LDS (or related) Documents on Walker Lewis, the Lowell, Mass. Branch of the Mormon Church and its missionaries and members, and the Priesthood Ban against Blacks, Compiled by Connell O'Donovan, http://people.ucsc.edu/~odonovan/Mormon_Chronology.html]

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