110 years ago today - Oct 6, 1909; Wednesday

I attended fore and afternoon meeting of Conference and at 4 P.M. Met with the Twelve at Pres[ident]. [Francis M.] Lyman's office and heard what Pres[ident]. M[ilton]. H. Welling had to tell about his sister's relations with Bro[ther]. Israel Barlow Jr. a suspicious case indicating marriage with a married man. Adjourned until 10 A.M. tomorrow when Bro[ther] Barlow will meet with us. I got word to him through Br[other]. [Benjamin?] Goddard.

At the forenoon meeting Pres[ident]. B. H. Roberts was called upon and occupied 50 or 60 minutes for the most part devoted to a criticism of the present Church administration.

It should here be known that Pres[ident] B. H. Roberts was handled by the Council of the Twelve and Seventy some months ago for being out of harmony. He withstood us all and his case was presented to the First Presidency and there it has since rested and the argument made by him before the Conference is, I judge,

the argument he had prepared for his further hearing when it comes if at all.

At the last moments of Conference in the afternoon Pres[ident]. Jos[eph]. F. Smith denounced him and his talk in unmeasured terms without mentioning his name. Pres[ident]. Roberts went to the President when the benediction had been offered and just what was said I do not know i.e. what passed between them. I shook the President's hand and told him I thanked the Lord for those concluding remarks .I felt they were appropriate and needed.

[George F. Richards, Diary]

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