175 years ago today - Jun 12, 1844

[Nauvoo Neighbor]
...Story: "Retributive Justice" - The Nauvoo Expositor -- Editorial -- Describes the mob's creation of a new anti-Mormon paper, The Nauvoo Expositor. Describes the Saints, led by the city martial, as they destroyed the press and papers.

- Story: "To the Public" - The Destruction of the Nauvoo Expositor" -- Editorial -- States that everything the Saints did was in cooperation with the City Council and Police force.

- Story: "Anecdote" -- Editorial -- Puns about the names of the mob leaders.

... - Ordinances: "Proceedings of the City Council" -- Willard Richards -- Long list of actions, including: Phinehus Richards, Levi Richards, and Edward Hunter receiving their seat on the council, Councilor Emmons was suspended from office due to a slander investigation, and the Nauvoo Expositor was declared a nuicense, and ordered to be removed.

... - Ordinances: "An Ordinance concerning Libels and for Other Purposes" -- Geo. W. Harris -- Widens the definition of slander, to ensure that the Saints can protect themselves from those who seek to misrepresent the church.

... - Announcement: Publishing of the Doctrine and Covenants -- Editorial -- Announces the printing of the Doctrine and Covenants in about one month, and petitions for immediate orders.

- Announcement: "Caution" - Beware of False Paper Money -- Joseph Smith -- States that the failure of the Kirtland Safety Society should make members wary of accepting all forms of paper money.


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