135 years ago today - May 20th 1884.

[Apostle Anthony W. Ivins Diary]
I qualified as City Attorney for St. George. I was set apart for the mission which I have just finished by Apostle Moses Thatcher, at the Council House, at Salt Lake, Utah, on the 10th of April 1882 as follows:

... thou shalt look into the hearts of men and read them. ... Thou shalt have influence with the officers of that government and with the prominent men of that nation, and thou shalt be enabled to establish the work of the Lord in the midst of that people. Thou shalt live to see a prophet raised up in their midst. Thou shalt live to see a perfect chain of communications from the mountains, from the Church and Kingdom of God and the people of Zion, down through the Republic of Mexico, through Central America, and through South America, and a great and important work shall be accomplished in thy day in the midst of the remnant of Israel. They shall come forth, many of them, and rejoice with thee in the knowledge of the Truth, and while the work may now seem difficult, let thy prayers ascend unto God, plead with Him by night and by day, for His eyes are upon that people, and the words of His prophets will not be unfulfilled, but they will be fulfilled, and thou shalt be an instrument in the hands of God of accomplishing a great and good work among them... thou shalt be preserved from disease and from death, and thy faith shall be mighty before the Lord. When thou layest thy hands upon the sick, the sick shall be healed ...

[Diary Excerpts of Anthony W. Ivins, http://amzn.to/newmormonstudies]

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