170 years ago today - 170 years ago - Saturday, Mar 31, 1849

The meeting having been called to order by the Pres. [Brigham Young], [he] arose & Said that a member of the council had been guilty of devulging the secrets of this council & that John Pack was charged with it & related that Jackson Redin had been to H. C. Kimble, O[rrin] P. Rockwell, & others & told that John Pack had warned him to leave this place fourth with or he would not have the liberty, intimating that his Life was in danger. O. P. Rockwell, H. C. Kimble & other[s] bor[e] record to the same.

Counsellor John Pack pled innocence so far as revealing anything to Reding that belonged to this Council. Said that he had some conversation with Redding about a debt that owed him, in which he told Jack that his past Life was so dishonest that it had rendered his Person unsafe.

After counsellor [Isaac] Morley & others had Spoken, Pres. B. Y[oung] took the Floor. Said that Bro. Pack had not wisdom enough to keep the Secrets of this Council locked up in his own Breast & there was others. ["]Cahoon's Fath[er] is another man that is not fit to Sit in the councils of the Gods. Members of this council should be men of firmness and integrity, that when they leave this council Room that the things that belong to this council should be as safe as though it was locked up in the silent vaults of Eternity, but such things must be overcome or the men who indulge in them will be droped from this council. I mean Just what I say.["] J. Pack pled for Forgiveness, Said ["]try me a little longer. Then if I don't prove true, deal with me as you think proper, if it is to cut off my head,["] & [he] wept biterly like a child. His request was granted. ...

[John D. Lee diary, 103–04, as quoted in Jedediah S. Rogers (editor), The Council of Fifty: A Documentary History, Signature Books (2014)]

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