110 years ago today - Dec 2, 1908

Bro[ther]. [Heber J.] Grant remarked that while attending the Nebo [Utah] Conference he ... learned that the Seventies' meetings on Sunday mornings were having a poor effect, for the reason that while they faithfully attended their quorum meetings they could not be used in the Ward to any extent otherwise, and besides, as a general thing, they did not attend their sacrament meetings. Bro[ther]. Grant also said it had come to this, that in order for a Bishop to get the benefit and utilize the labors of Seventies in the Sunday Schools they had to ordain them High Priests. Bro[ther]. Grant added that since it had been determined to hold ward priesthood meetings on Monday nights, he thought it would be a good plan for the Seventies to meet with them also instead of meeting as quorums on Sunday mornings, as it would help to correct the feeling among the Seventies generally which had manifested itself in Canada and Oregon, in effect, that the Bishops had no right to enter their quorum meetings; and besides, it might leave Seventies free to labor as Elders and High Priests do under the direction of the Bishops, and at the same time do away with the idea that when the services of Seventies are needed in Sunday Schools, that such brethren would not have to be called upon missions to labor in the Sunday Schools. ... Motion seconded by Brother [David O.] McKay. President [Joseph F.] Smith remarked that he favored the motion, and requested Bro[ther]. [Francis M.] Lyman and the Apostles to inform the First Council of Seventy of this action. Motion put and carried.

[Minutes, as quoted in Minutes of the Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1835-1951, Electronic Edition, 2015]

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