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Wilford Woodruff reported that Orson Hyde was still in Kirtland on Nov. 27 1836. Hyde probably left for Columbus at the end of the month. By that time it was known that the Whigs had control of the Ohio Legislature, and that the Mormon political allies had little power to help them in Columbus. (1)
-- (Sun) Nov 27, 1836

Heber J. Grant dedicated Hawaii Temple. (2)
-- Nov 27, 1919

Joseph Smith writes (in a ledger) that when he was 16, the Lord appeared and said his sins were forgiven. (3)
-- Between Jul 20, 1832 and 27-Nov 1832

En route to Washington, D.C. Just before arriving in Washington, D.C., the horses on the stagecoach ran off at full speed while the coachman was getting a drink. Joseph Smith climbed outside the door of the coach and regained control of the horses after a two to three mile run, saving the passengers from injury. (4)
-- 170 years ago - Nov 27, 1839

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