65 years ago today - Thu Jun 18, 1959

[David O. McKay Office Journal]
[At Temple Council meeting] Since Elder Marion G. Romney is leaving soon to tour the European Missions, he inquired regarding the counsel he should give to the Saints in Europe regarding their emigrating to this country so I gave the following instructions to him: There is no command regarding this matter, but we wish the people to build up the branches where they live so that those who never can get away from those countries over there will be built up spiritually, and receive their temple endowments and all blessings they could obtain if they were to come here. . . . The same condition exists in South Africa where an entire generation of men and women had never even seen a member of the Council of the Twelve. I think we should have a temple there some day. It is a long way for these people to go to a temple and the distances are great in that country and under present conditions they are obliged to live and die without having the blessings of the Temple and realize the
significance of them.

[McKay, David O., Office Journal]

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