125 years ago today - Jun 6, 1899; Tuesday

The case of a Brother Millert, school teacher, vs. Benjamin Cluff, Jun[ior]., President of the Brigham Young Academy, was reviewed ... Brother Cluff had gone out of his way to injure Brother Millert, and that he had done this contrary to the wishes of the Academy Board; and it was therefore recommended that Brother Cluff should make a written apology to Brother Millert. It was now made known that it was Millert's intention to sue Cluff for damages before the law, provided he could get a Church decision to warrant such a step. In fact,

Millert's attorney had called on President Snow in the hope of getting this decision, and it was now thought that if the recommendation of the Bishopric were adopted and the written apology placed in Millert's hands, it would be used by him to carry out his threatened purpose--that of prosecuting Brother Cluff. It was therefore decided to approve the decision of the High Council, which was to the effect that while Millert's charge against Cluff was not sustained, the latter acted unwisely in writing to the Superintendent of District schools of Salt Lake City, prejudicing him against the employment of Millert as a teacher. It should be added that Brother Cluff justified himself in this action by stating that he had said nothing about Brother Millert but the truth, which he stood ready to prove.

[First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes]

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