185 years ago today - 1839. April 16

(Hyrum Smith) November 28: After three weeks chained in a Richmond, Missouri, log cabin, the Smiths and five other prisoners were taken to the jail in Liberty. "Poison was administered to us three or four times. The effect it had upon our system was that it vomited us almost to death, and then we would lie some two or three days in a torpid stupid state, not even caring or wishing for life."

1839. April 16: The prisoners were allowed to escape en route to Boone County on a change of venue. Hyrum's seven-year-old son John later recalled his father returned with "a full beard, his hair was long, and he was riding a small bay horse."

[Van Wagoner, Richard and Walker, Steven C., A Book of Mormons, http://amzn.to/newmormonstudies]

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