145 years ago today - Apr 3, 1879

[Parley Chase]
When [Joseph] Smith first told of getting the book of plates he said it would tell him how to get hidden treasures in the earth; and his father, soon after they got the plates, came in to my mother's one morning, just after breakfast, and told that Joe had a book and that it would tell him how to get money that was buried in the ground, and that he also found a pair of EYE-GLASSES on the book by which he could interpret it, and that the glasses were as big as a breakfast plate; and he said that if the angel Gabriel should come down and tell him he could not get this hidden treasure, HE WOULD TELL HIM HE WAS A LIAR.

[Wilhelm Ritter von Wymetal, Joseph Smith, the Prophet, His Family and His Friends (Salt Lake City: Tribune Printing and Publishing Co., 1886), 276., as cited in Dan Vogel, Early Mormon Documents: Parley Chase To [James T. Cobb?]]

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