130 years ago today - Apr 5, 1894

At meeting of First Presidency and apostles, Wilford Woodruff announces revelation which ends practice of adopting (sealing) men to LDS leaders. He instructs Mormons to seal each generation of ancestors to preceding generation. This results in program of genealogical research. His published sermon is only available text of the revelation. Old form of adoption ordinance continues sporadically in LDS temples with high of fifteen adoptions ceremonies in 1910. The revelation is never canonized.

On a different matter George Q. Cannon says, "I believe in concubinage, or some plan whereby men and women can live together under sacred ordinances and vows until they can be married," to which President Woodruff responds, "If men enter into some practice of this character to raise a righteous posterity, they will be justified in it." Woodruff adds, "The day is near when there will be no difficulty in the way of good men securing noble wives."

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