125 years ago today - Apr 14, 1899; Friday

The following telegram was received this morning from Elder W. L. Worsencroft, President of the Samoan Mission: "Hold Elders; headquarters looted; gathering to Apia for safety. All well".

/... a graphophone, or talking machine, and that Brother Wood had already sent a message to the Samoan Saints through this machine, and these brethren now requested Presidents Snow and Cannon to send a few words of greeting to them. They consented, the machine was brought in, and after President Cannon had spoken, President Snow spoke as follows:

"My dear brethren and sisters in Samoa: -- I have just heard what President Cannon has said to you, and I hope you will not forget it. I should be pleased to have the privilege of seeing you, and talking to you face to face, but hardly expect to have this opportunity; but I say to you, if you will live faithful and keep the commandments of the Lord and follow the counsels of the Elders whom we send to you, I shall have the pleasure of meeting you and talking with you in the other life. The Elders we send to you you can trust; they will tell you what is for your best good, and you will be perfectly safe and be greatly blessed in following their counsels. We are very much pleased at hearing from you from time to time, and learning you are faithful in keeping the commandments of the Lord and treating his servants so kindly. I constantly keep you in my mind, and pray for you at the family altar; and hope to have your prayers and faith to sustain me in the high and sacred
position which the Lord has called me to occupy. God bless you. Amen."

[First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes]

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