110 years ago today - Apr 16, 1914; Thursday

...Copy of the confession made by a man named A. W. Lundstrom was read, which had been sent to President [Joseph F.] Smith by Pres[iden]t. Lewis S. Pond.

A. W. Lundstrom was one of the apostates who testified against Senator [Reed] Smoot in what is known as the Smoot Hearings ...

It became the sense of the Council, on motion of Pres[iden]t. Lyman, that Lundstrom be thoroughly examined as to his moral character, and Pres[iden]t. Lyman, on invitation of Pres[iden]t. Penrose, appointed Elders Rudger Clawson, Joseph F[ielding]. Smith Jr. and James E. Talmage to investigate Lundstrom as to his worthiness to regain his standing in the Church.12 ...

[First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes]

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