190 years ago today - Dec 4, 1833

Palmyra, Dec. 4, 1833.

We, the undersigned, have been acquainted with the Smith family, for a number of years, while they resided near this place, and we have no hesitation in saying, that we consider them destitute of that moral character, which ought to entitle them to the confidence of any community. They were particularly famous for visionary projects, spent much of their time in digging for money which they pretended was hid in the earth; and to this day, large excavations may be seen in the earth, not far from their residence, where they used to spend their time in digging for hidden treasures. Joseph Smith, Senior, and his son Joseph, were in particular, considered entirely destitute of moral character, and addicted to vicious habits. ...

Geo. N. Williams,

Clark Robinson,

Lemael Durfee,

E. S. Townsend,

Henry P. Alger,

C. E. Thayer,

G. W. Anderson,

H. P. Thayer,

L. Williams,

Geo. W. Crosby,

Levi Thayer,

R. S. Williams,

P. Sexton,

M. Butterfield,

S. P. Seymour,

D. S. Jackways,

John Hurlbut,

H. Linnell,

Jas. Jenner,

S. Ackley,

Josiah Rice,

Jesse Townsend,

Rich'd. D. Clark,

Th. P. Baldwin,

John Sothington,

Durfey Chase,

Wells Anderson,

N. H. Beckwith,

Philo Durfee,

Giles. S. Ely,

R. W. Smith,

Pelatiah West,

Henry Jessup,

Linus North,

Thos. Rogers, 2d.

Wm. Parke,

Josiah Francis,

Amos Hollister,

G. A. Hathaway,

David G. Ely,

H. K. Jerome,

G. Beckwith,

Lewis Foster,

Hiram Payne,

P. Grandin,

L. Hurd,

Joel Thayer,

E. D. Robinson,

Asahel Millard,

A. Ensworth,

Isarel F. Chilson

[Eber D. Howe, Mormonism Unvailed (Painesville, Ohio: E. D. Howe, 1834), 261-62., as cited in Dan Vogel, Early Mormon Documents: Palmyra Residents Group Statement]

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