180 years ago today - Sep 6, 1843

An anti-Mormon meeting is held at Carthage. A preamble and ten resolutions are drawn up and approved that state generally that the signers of this resolution will stick together in opposing the Latter-day Saints. "We are therefore forced to the conclusion that the time is not far distant when the citizens of this county will be compelled to assert their rights in some way. . . . We pledge ourselves in the most solemn manner to resist all the wrongs which may be hereafter attempted to be imposed on this community by the Mormons, to the utmost of our ability,â€"peaceably, if we can, but forcibly, if we must." They pledge to oppose any candidates sympathetic to Mormons, to aid any law officers attempting to remove Joseph Smith to Missouri. [He is called a "modern Caligula."]

[Conkling, Christopher J., Joseph Smith Chronology]

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