185 years ago today - Aug 6, 1838

A fight breaks out when the Mormons are prevented from voting in the election at Gallatin (near Adam-ondi-Ahman). Because of the rumored activities of the Danites, and because of the pamphlet publication and circulation of Rigdon's Fourth of July speech, anti-Mormon feeling had been building once again in Missouri. Two weeks before the election, Judge Joseph Morin warned Mormons that William Peniston, an anti-Mormon candidate, had threatened to use force to keep Mormons from voting against him. When several Saints come to Gallatin to vote, they are attacked and a fight breaks out. Although Gallatin, the Daviess County seat, has only ten houses and three saloons, rumors spread that two Mormons have been killed and that thirty Saints have beat off a mob of two hundred. Other rumors of both Mormon and mob vengeance circulate rapidly.

[Conkling, Christopher J., Joseph Smith Chronology]

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